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At Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation we believe in the principle of conservative therapy. This means we will always choose the least invasive solutions first to address your problem, ensuring less risk and minimal danger to you. Nonsurgical pain relief is our goal.

The first step of your visit is a thorough evaluation of the history of your complaint (when and how it started) and how it affects your everyday life at home, at work and at play.

The initial physical exam is the next important step that helps us determine the orthopedic diagnosis. The proper diagnosis must include the actual anatomy of the lesion, or the precise structure, whether it is a tendon, a bursa, a ligament, a joint, a disc, a meniscus, a fascia, etc. Remember that pain location can be deceptive, and the source of your pain (the lesion) may be far removed from the spot that actually hurts on your body. We ask you questions, use hands-on physical examination and apply our medical expertise to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Oftentimes ancillary tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, ultrasound and electrodiagnostic testing, must be ordered to help us establish and confirm your precise diagnosis. Once we understand the origin of your pain, only then can we work to provide you with treatment options and eliminate the problem with a long-term remedy.

After determining the diagnosis your orthopedic condition, your team will collaborate to develop a highly individualized plan that addresses your specific diagnosis and consequent movement and functional issues. In order to achieve your rehabilitation goals, we may suggest a combination of orthopedic treatments to restore health and function and get you moving comfortably again.

In many cases, simple medications, physical therapy or alternative therapies are successful and nothing more is needed. For some patients who do not achieve optimal relief with first-tier treatments, the next step might include various types of injections or procedures such as radiofrequency ablation. Injections are often performed with the aid of needle guidance using ultrasound imaging or fluoroscopic X-ray visualization to ensure accurate and safe needle placement. Surgery is only recommended as a last resort option, although the majority of our patients will find a nonsurgical solution that works.

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