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You might assume that, “It hurts here, Doc!” is enough direction to get you on the road to recovery. However, as we’ve seen in 25-plus years of practice, the cause of pain is often remote from the actual source of the problem.

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Dr. Bernard Portner is respected locally and throughout the United States for his precise diagnostic abilities. In fact, Portner Orthopedic frequently takes on tough cases referred by other clinics due to their unusual or difficult presentation and puzzling diagnoses.

At Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation, your diagnosis is made the old-fashioned way — with a comprehensive history and physical exam. Our medical experts perform classic physical diagnoses utilizing their intimate knowledge of the human body, vast experience and common sense to identify the cause. During the diagnostic process, your input is crucial in finding the appropriate orthopedic treatment. We talk to you to determine when the problem started, find out what exacerbates or relieves your pain and pinpoint the unique symptoms that will lead us to an answer. Sometimes a simple health history discussion can help us get to the root of your orthopedic condition.

To supplement our physical diagnostic services, we have sophisticated diagnostic tests on-site to utilize when appropriate.

Electrodiagnostic tests (EMGs) are performed by our physiatrists who are specially trained in the use of the EMG machine to detect even small changes that present electrically in the muscles and nerves. With this machine, we can definitively diagnose radiculopathies (pinched nerves), carpal tunnel syndrome*, diabetic neuropathy, tarsal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, and various other nerve and muscle diseases.

Also available on site are our high-tech ultrasound diagnostic machines. These machines help us visualize the inside structures of the body without having to utilize X-rays, improving safety and accuracy. Diagnostic ultrasound can help us identify nerve injury, tendon tears, muscle injuries, ligamentous injuries, bursitis*, arthritis and other pathologies. In addition, the ultrasound machine is sometimes used to help guide needles to the accurate target placement.

Many people who are dealing with pain seek help by scheduling appointments with specialized practitioners. For instance, a chiropractor might apply treatments from a menu of chiropractic* services, substantially limiting your options. At Hawaii’s Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation, our diverse team works together to treat the individual, not merely the problem, from a whole-body standpoint. We’re looking at the musculoskeletal system, but also the neurological, medical and psychological issues that affect the body. We strategically search for the pain generator, the source of the discomfort. Often this involves not only an accurate diagnosis but also an in-depth look at your lifestyle, your thoughts and emotions, and your daily stressors. Your diagnostic process may include tests like ergonomic assessments, arthography, CAT scan*, MRIs and X-rays. Once the problem is pinpointed, we can assemble a multi-disciplinary solution which may include medication, injection treatment, acupuncture*, massage therapy or physical therapy.

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