What better way to learn about our exceptional quality of care than from stories of actual Portner Orthopedic patients? The highest compliment we can receive happens when our patients share their positive experiences with others, and we are very grateful for all of the referrals we’ve received over the years. If your life has been improved by our personalized orthopedic solutions and you would like to share your thoughts on our website, please contact us at your convenience.

This is a top-notch clinic, and the best place out there for non-surgical orthopedics. I had a wonderful experience with not only Dr. Brough, but with Venessa, my massage therapist! They, along with the accupunturist and physical therapist, were amazing in how they worked to restore me from my car accident. These are real professionals, and not only that, use first-class equipment in their facility on Bishop St. The staff is wonderful, Eva and Peter, were always on top of every detail of my appointments and billing, and were warm and welcoming every time I went in! I received shots to the muscles in my back from Dr Brough and he could not have been more accurate. Venessa took me from hardly able to stand to almost fully-functional. I could not have been happier or more impressed with the care I got here! Please see for yourself, the help you can get at this beautiful clinic! - Christine L.
I’m writing this review on the behalf of my father-in-law Jeff Schade, a couple years back we got rear ended in a pretty heavy car accident. We’ve been going through constant treatments, medications and different doctors, Portner was straight to the point and did what he could. Last week Dad took his recommendations of cortisone shots & has never felt this relieved from pain since before our accident. Thank You Thank You! We are a working family & have no time to be weighed down by aches & pains! If you’re feeling pain, ask if you qualify for them!!! - Ericka L.
My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. Portner. We first learned about him on his radio program on Saturday morning. My husband committed himself to listening to Dr. Portner’s radio program ever Saturday at 7 am and learned a lot from it. One day he discovered having a problem getting up and walking around. So he decided to go visit Dr. Portner. His problem rapidly disappeared after being treated with medication. I recently made a visit to Dr. Portner’s clinic for my trigger thumb. I was cured within a few days. Thanks to the injection the doctor gave me. The staff are very helpful and courteous. We were able to get appointments easily. The time we spend waiting for the doctor was short. - S.
I originally went to Dr.Portner because I had been hearing from many of my students at UH (i.e. police, firefighters, EMT’s, etc.) that he actually helped them and usually made them better. I found out right away that Dr. Portner staggers his appointments so that there is never a long wait. He does this in consideration of his patients’ time. I have deteriorating disc disease of my spine. Dr. Portner has treated me effectively using a number of medical techniques including physical therapy traction, adjustments of the spine, epidurals and even facet joint nerve ablations. Without his care I would have had to stop working long ago. More importantly, I still have a decent quality of life thanks to him. - G.
I just love the massages that Vanessa gives. They are so healing and knows how to address all different types of problems with the neck and head. Very comforting massage. All of the staff at Portner Orthopedic is just wonderful! - Jhonar G.
The ongoing service has been a wonderful experience. - J.
I just love the massages that Vanessa gives. They are so healing and knows how to address all different types of problems with the neck and head. Very comforting massage. All of the staff at Portner Orthopedic is just wonderful! - Jhonar G.
Dr. Portner and his staff have been caring for me since a work injury changed my life in 1995. They have always been kind and attentive to all my needs. All treatment options have been made available to me allowing me to rehabilitate and manage my life. I highly recommend the services provided by the Portner Orthopedic Clinic. Much Aloha. - E.
The Portner Orthopedic Clinic was highly recommended to me after my accident which resulted in painful whiplash. The staff was wonderful and friendly. Appointments were easy, waiting room waits were short and the effectiveness of treatment was outstanding. Thumbs up to Portner Orthopedic Clinic. Mahalo. - J.
I would tell others to come, he has helped my hip pain that I am sure other doctors would put me under the knife for. There is no question in my mind he knows what he is doing. I have been to other doctors and they were not confident. Portner is and there is no waiting time in the office. - L.
Friendly staff, great doctor and excellent physical therapists. Helped tremendously with my injuries. - J.
Before coming to see Dr. Portner my neck and shoulder pain was constant and interfering with most of my daily functions. Through a series of visits, my pain has decreased and my mobility is much better. Thank you for all your help. - S.
I feel all the medical treatment I received was 100% benefit to my recovery. - C.
I really like the staff they are very friendly and helpful and always makes me smile. My massage therapist Gilda always does a really good job and is very helpful in answering questions and giving me information in order to help my pain. The physical therapist here are very knowledgeable and helpful in educating me on how to do exercises on my own and helped me get a lot better. - A.
My experience with Portner Orthopedic has consistently been a positive one. There ability to provide multiple in house services was both helpful and convenient. My appointments are always on time and the staff is always professional and caring. - D.
Initially chose Dr. Portner because of referral. Your staff is fantastic so I also tell them that I came home when I arrive for an appointment. Treatments has been good – feeling much less pain than before treatments. - M.
After listening to Dr. Portner on a weekend morning radio show, I decided that his philosophy to first relieve orthopedic pain without surgery or drastic measures was compelling. I arrived at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Inc. with a lower back pain; prior to going, I had lots of non-professional advice on what was causing this pain. After Dr. Portner examined my back and sent me to take x-rays, he prescribed me physical therapy for my back issues. After working with an excellent therapist, Jason, for eight sessions, my back is on its way to being 100% pain free. Jason would patiently work with me to relieve my extreme discomfort in my everyday life. He would always carefully listen and take into account my every comment relating to my back. Jason developed a very personalized plan for me: exercises, treatments, and ways to change the way I performed ordinary daily tasks (sitting, standing, walking). I am extremely pleased with Jason, Dr. Portner, and the entire friendly and efficient staff at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Inc. Thank you! - L.
After experiencing a trigger finger for about two months, I sought help. I remembered hearing Dr.
Portner’s radio program and called him. After treatment, I am without pain or irregular finger movement. I make my friends envious who sought help for their trigger fingers and received surgery. I am so thankful for Dr. Portner and his knowledge. - N.
From my own experience, I have seen that Dr. Portner is on the forefront of treatment techniques in Hawaii for various injuries. His philosophy is to get you better without surgery whenever possible. I have referred many friends and several family members, all of which have amazing stories to tell about Dr.
Portner. His versatility in diagnosing and treating injuries all over the body is truly incredible! Above all, Dr. Portner is totally dedicated to making people better and improving their quality of life. - G., 61-year-old patient
I was under Dr. Portner’s care for the last 15 months. Dr. Portner and his staff always displayed true compassion, dedication, and professionalism during my treatment. They gave me hope when I thought there was no hope. - R.
The treatment at Portner Orthopedic is professional and courteous. They are dedicated to helping the patient attain a full recovery. I found the Physical Therapy and Massage departments to be especially beneficial. - 54-year-old female patient
Dr. Portner is thorough, experienced, and has wonderful beside manners. I would recommend friends and family to the clinic without hesitation. - G.

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