Senior Man Suffering From Back Pain At Home


Unbearable pain makes life stop. Normal, everyday tasks become challenging, and you may find yourself avoiding activities you once enjoyed. Understanding the body’s signals is the first step in relieving pain. With help from orthopedic professionals who truly understand how the body works, it is possible to end knee pain, arm pain, leg pain, neck pain, back pain and all types of discomfort.

Let the Buyer Beware

When medical professionals promise to fix your symptoms, keep in mind that there is no remedy for a symptom and symptom management is often temporary. An effective, permanent solution can only come after the pain source is correctly identified, a diagnosis is made and a comprehensive treatment plan is designed.

Sourcing Your Pain

Pain can be a real trickster. The brain’s pain center localizes pain signals, but the source of your pain may actually be different from where it seems to hurts. Instead of asking your doctor to make your symptoms go away, the question you should be posing is “Where is my pain coming from?”

Although the team does use diagnostic tests to help present a comprehensive picture, the most effective tool in the quest to identify and control pain is the physical evaluation. Dr. Bernard Portner and his colleagues use the hands-on examination process to figure out what the body is trying to tell you. Successful pain management can greatly improve your quality of life when performed with long-term relief in mind. This is the difference in the Portner Orthopedic style of medicine.

Relief That Fits

Many orthopedic practices will promote a new procedure or treatment, leading patients to visit the doctor seeking specific remedies. Here, the team focuses on locating the source of pain before applying personalized orthopedic treatments tailored to your body’s unique needs. Dr. Portner offers nonsurgical pain relief in many forms. From physical therapy to acupuncture and massage therapy, there are several non-invasive solutions that can promote healing and restore harmony to your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons — and get you back to the active lifestyle you enjoyed before pain took over.

To learn more about the diagnostic process and the various pain treatments available, please contact Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Kaneohe and Honolulu, Hawaii. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page and Twitter account (@PortnerClinic) for regular updates on new additions and clinic news.

—Lindsey Kesel, Orthopedic Consultant

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Not intended as medical advice. Please consult a physician for all medical issues.